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There are no words that aptly describe the island of Santorini, the destination of this 2 day cruise. You will be enthralled by this unique volcanic island with its breathtaking views, world renowned spectacular landscapes, beautiful black and red beaches and must-see traditional villages. Do not miss the village of OIA (11 km north of the Capital THIRA). Built on tall cliffs in the northern part of the island, OIA is by far one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of Santorini, famous for its stunning sunsets, quiet life and remarkable architecture. Located 300 meters above sea level, IMEROVIGLY is also another village well worth a visit, offering incredible panoramic views over the volcano.
This Charter to Santorini Island, with its amazing and overwhelming scenery, distinctive architecture, and unique geology, will offer you not only a luxurious sea getaway, but also an unforgettable personal experience!

ClockDay 1: The Charter departs at 09.30 am from Tourlos Port. Santorini is about 60 miles from Mykonos, approximately 2 hours of nautical travel. Upon arrival, your yacht anchors at VLIHADA marina, just 15 minutes by taxi transport from Thira, the capital of the island.

Day 2: Before sunset begins and prior to returning to Mykonos island, this charter stops over for a visit at the long sandy beaches of MYLOPOTAS, on the eastern part of IOS island. IOS’ emerald waters are ideal for a day’s swim and a perfect sun tan. MYLOPOTAS beach provides as well a variety of water sport activities, including windsurfing and diving. Light drinks, snacks, Greek wine and ouzo are served on board. All beverages and snacks are included in the charter fee.

• All charters are subject to cancellation due to weather conditions. • Safety is our first priority and the captain’s orders must be respected at all times.

• All fleets are fully equipped with snorkeling gear (flipper, mask and snorkel).Alert