L’O Yachting, has the expertise and knowledge to provide yacht management services, operating on the market & Yachting world for the past 11 years. The company also provides commercial charters, charter brokering, as well as yacht surveying, acknowledged by the Greek and Foreign markets.

CEO Laurent Labarthe Medrano, Yacht broker & Ex-fleet manager at EKKA Yachts (Group Ferretti in Greece) accounting for 20 years of experience in the yachting industry has trained and supervised his team members to provide all services needed in order to fulfil all requirements on board, as well as satisfy any owners’ wishes and demands.

Each Yacht requires special attention, as every Yacht ‘s need is different.
Our technical expert will ensure that every yacht will be meticulously managed in every required aspect & domain. Without any encumbrance with your schedule, an up to date of all work in procedure or service accomplished, will be sent to you at every stage.

  • Technical management: Will include annual maintenance, regular inspections, upgrades and refits, on the spot solutions, registries from accredited organizations, classification requirements, updating of safety equipment, technical advices.
  • Registries: We can arrange for first registration, change of registry, change of vessel’s name and other relevant actions. We are followed by an extremely serious maritime law firm, perfectly familiar with Greek & International laws.
  • Crew services: Our responsibilities oblige us to select the best & the appropriate team / crew (whether it be a Captain, Sailor, Hostess, Chef, or Engineer. Customized proposals will be sent to every owner for him to choose from, respective of needs & functions required.
  • Financial and accounting matters: We will provide you with analytical reports that will present every completed action and will ensure that budged is approved by the owner prior to any engagement. Our accountant department will ensure that all vessel obligations, such as taxes and other requirements be covered in time.