Just a matter of taste!


1 Day Tour

Our first stop: The enchanting and peaceful remote beaches of Rhenia Island. After a refreshing swim in Rhenia’s beautiful remote and crystal clear waters, cruise to the Island of Tinos, for lunch. We highly recommend anchoring at “Thalassaki Tavern”, an authentic Greek family-owned fish restaurant, situated literally on the sea side on Isternia Bay, on the northern western coast of Tinos.

This tavern serves various unique local appetizers, known as “mezzes”, and in a delicatessen presentation, as well as catch of the day various fresh fish dishes, along with other possible menus, all exquisite to be booked ahead of time and that lunch expenses are at your own cost.

Schedule: Embarkation: 11:00 am, Mykonos Tourlos port or Ornos bay, return to Mykonos Island during sunset. Light drinks, snacks, Greek wine and ouzo are served on board. All beverages and snacks are included in the charter fee. This charter includes 2 hours of required petrol consumption.

Additional info: Should you have time and depending on your leisure time at “Thalassaki Tavern” visit the famous church of “Panagia Evangelistria” on the Island of Tinos. Overlooking the town, where the miraculous icon of Our Lady was discovered, this church is one of the most revered religious shrines in Greece, drawing thousands of pilgrims to Tinos Island every year. This spiritual island is also renowned for its beaches, charming villages, beautiful landscape and its rich history.

Total fuel consumption required: Approx. 2 hours
Total Nautical Miles: 48nm