Vougli 84600 Mykonos, Greece

A hideaway Escape waiting for you to discover it

Patmos-An exotic island! Arkoi-Marathi-Patmos

1 Day Tour

Schedule: Embarkation: 11.00 am from Skala the port of Patmos – Disembarkation: prior to sunset
A cruise to Arkoi is first on your itinerary. A journey to this island will remain unforgettable. Exploring her waters and dream come true! Nature is the absolute master, emerald, saphire and turquoise waters surround you. A small island that belongs to the municipality of Patmos
island, this paradise is blessed with the finest of nature. Fauna on Arkoi, mainly consists of livestock such as goats or donkeys, though herons can be spotted occasionally.

The island is characterized by dry, rocky land with little in the way of vegetation apart from olive trees and some hardy shrubs. The marine life in the bays around the island is still rich in comparison to other islands with various species of grouper and nudibranch present. A little island of 355 square km east of Patmos, with total coastline almost 4 km, Marathi island is one of those out of the way places where you can get away from it all and discover the best kept secret! The tavern of Pantelis.

A garden with beautiful thick-shaded trees and colorful flowers, scents of jasmine and basil, all intrigue you into a feast of tastes which go on all day. Wooden tables laid out on different levels under the trees and right by the sea, welcome you to try out the traditional cuisine of Katina. The different meze starters await you, octopus with caper leaves, marinated anchovies, octopus croquettes, zucchini croquettes, tend to mix themselves up with the fresh salads and the local goat cheese.

The fine cuisine, the musical background combined with the hospitality and service of the children of the founders Manolis and Toula ensure you to a pleasant stay. Marathi is a refuge not only for the birds which visit the wonderful green garden of the family, but is also a paradise for those who want to seek refuge in a unique traditional setting. On the island there is only one sandy beach. There are no roads, no cars, no stores nor anything else that can abstract you but the bells of the goats which live on the island.

Marathi is an ideal destination for those who want to explore nature in her grandeur, whilst cruising her beautiful waters, read or relax on her sandy beaches, swim in her beautiful clear waters, savor and discover local food on the main land in a friendly atmosphere, all combined with service and professionalism aboard.
Disembarkation : by Sunset
Total Nautical Miles: 24 nm (approx. 1 hour of petrol consumption)