Local colours, local flavors, another unique face of theDodecanese


1 Day Tour

Schedule: Embarkation: 11.00 am from Skala, the Port of Patmos island Disembarkation: Prior to sunset. Leipsoi is a small group of islets at the northern part of the Dodecanese near Patmos island. On Leipsoi there are amazing places to visit.First on the itinerary is a cruise to Makronissi island situated south west of Leipsoi. Makronissi is the most important part of Leipsoi islands.

A rocky low island , with many “mystery “caves to explore and visit, surrounded by clear green waters offering a mesmerizing site. The landscape of Makronissi is even more fascinating.If you climb for a while on the steep cliffs, on the southern side you will find an underwater arc, which you can easily pass with a long dive. Coming to the surface you will find yourselves on the north side in a wonderful natural round pool which is a beautiful natural creation.

Next on the itinerary: A cruise to the southern part of Leipoi island with a course set to the beach of Katsadia, one of the most famous beaches of Leipsoi.A small dock will await you, situated in magical surroundings. After your lunch at Dilaila tavern, a course is set for the village of Leipsoi.

Untouched, nevertheless growing, with a local architecture that has been respected over the years.

Seaside taverns alongside of the harbor will greet you, adding to the beauty of this unique island.
At the central point of the port, you can find local traditional cafés where you can enjoy the “old greek traditional coffee”. At the end of the park is where the wide cobblestone steps start which lead to the impressive church of Agios Ioannis Theologos. It is big with the blue dome and two bell towers hovering over the port. From the courtyard, the view over the harbour and the entrance of the large bay is magnificent. Behind the church there is the small square of the village. One of the most picturesque spots of Leipsoi with two coffee shops in a row that attract quite a few visitors.

This place is a starting point for a walk in the narrow alleys of the village, surrounded by white houses with blue shutters. It is no coincidence that every year an increasing number of visitors come to Leipsoi.
Enjoy your walk and take many pictures as this island will remain in your memories for ever!

Disembarkation: Return to Patmos island prior to sunset
Total Nautical Miles: 25 nm (approx. 1 hour of petrol consumption)