Connecting with nature

Porto Heli or Spetses-Ververonda or Korakia Bay- Lunch Porto Heli or Spetses-Return prior to Sunset

1 Day Tour

Schedule: Embarkation from Porto Heli or Spetses
at 11.00 am

Option a: -> Porto Heli
Option b: -> Spetses (+10 nm)

Charter Destination:
· Ververonda beach/Korakia for swimming/
snorkeling and relaxation on board.
· Possible lunch drop off at a respective local
tavern, depending on embarkation location.

Disembarkation: Porto Heli or Spetses prior to
sunset around 7.30 pm.

Total Fuel Consumption:
Option a: -> approx. 1 hour
Option b: -> approx. 1 ½ hours

Total Nautical Miles:
Option a: -> 20 nm
Option b: -> 30 nm